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Sometimes it is necessary to take air or surface samples to determine the
type(s) and/or quantity of mold spores in a certain amount of air or on a given amount of surface area.

For the IAQ (indoor air quality) professional, this information can be useful in determining where the mold growth is in a building by comparing concentrations of one area to those of another. Also, it can be a useful tool in determining the effectiveness of a remediation project by comparing the beginning concentrations to those at project conclusion.

American Mold Removal uses a variety of testing and sampling tools, for growing and identifying mold species and for quantifying mold concentrations of air and surface samples.


The root word for this term is "remedy" and when one is involved in a mold remediation project he is attempting to remedy the house or building of the potentially dangerous effects of mold growth. This can be something as simple as controlling the humidity in a room to as complex as rebuilding the affected parts of the structure.

Most of the time only certain areas of a house or building are affected, and often some structural elements need to be removed and disposed of, such as sheetrock, insulation, even HVAC ducting, particularly if it's insulated. More often than not, the structural wood can be cleaned and preserved for future use, but there are some instances where the mold growth has ruined the structural integrity of the wood requiring replacement.

The American Mold Removal team is trained and certified in mold remediation, and your project will be handled to the exacting standards set forth by the National Indoor Air Quality Institute.

  • Pre Remediation Mold inspection & testing to establish benchmarks
  • Development of Mold Remediation Protocols and Procedure
  • Cleaningf and sanitizing the HVAC system without chemicals
  • Indoor Oxygen Therapy to sanitize the indoor environment without chemicals
  • Post remediation clearance testing & report to validate the success of the project
  • Mold prevention strategies and solutions
  • Healthy building certification program
  • Assistance in administering your preventive maintenance program

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